The best protection for your Mower Robot from wind, rain, weather and UV radiation.


Garage for singular sleek and sophisticated Mower Robot. High standards of quality worthy of your garden.


Our garages for Automower Robot ensure maximum protection from thieves and vandalism.

Robomow RX Robotic mower protected with garage ROBinBOX© by Idea Mower

ROBinBOX© is the new model of garage designed for Robomow robotic mower RX12 and RX20, and for its recharging station. We built this garage with the aim of protecting the Robomow RX from high summer temperatures with a natural ventilation system. In this way Robomow Rx is repaired not only by sun rays but also by the irrigation water of the garden, rain and all weather events. For a simple use of the Robomow RX, we have it the garage of a porthole opening at the top, allowing you to easily access the Robomow RX keyboard, and with this solution, all control LEDs are perfectly visible from the outside. A very simple earth-fastening system makes it easy to open the garage, control and work on the charging station, even when the robot is inside. Attractive design and original lines make this garage very compact, your Robomow RX will always be safe and efficient! Contact us, ROBinBOX© is manufactured in Italy by Idea Mower.