IDEA Project

High-Quality Garden Accessories

How IDEA Mower is born

Idea Mower comes from the experience of people who have worked for years in the field of wooden houses and garages. The discovery of the existence of fabulous machines, the Mower, which took place  thanks to an encounter with passionate producers of Mower, gave us the impetus to create and build these beautiful objects of protection, were born from special pencil of a young, brillant designer.

By the passion and the hands of skilled craftsmen were made these objects, which are manufactured in part in a modern factory in Italy, while some models are manufactured and assembled in Slovenia, to be distributed throughout Europe.

In the draft IDEA MOWER, female spirit was able to give the initial push and a huge contribution in terms of construction, undertaking still even in the commercial development of the product throughtout Europe. Putting together so many people, so many ideas, so many experiences and different professional experience was fascinating, beautiful, so much that we are already looking forward to the next adventure.



The Robot Mower is a precious object, highly technological and regularly exposed to weather conditions. From there came the IDEA of creating a SHELTER that can hold the Mower in the hours of rest or charging to protect it from wind, rain, hail and especially against UV rays; so, we created a unique architectural features with modern shapes, lines and colours.

We also thought that your beautiful Mower Robot should not be hidden from view, so our garage became TECA your MOWER can enhance its shapes and colours. Led lights are inserted inside to make it visible at night and outside logos and lettering in rilief and background light.