Smart Garage | Lawn Mower

Smart Garage | Lawn Mower


A garage can be smart?

Yes, it can, if its name is Smart Garage…


The Smart Garage is built in just five pieces of aluminum of various colours.

garage automower robot

It is also firm and strongly anchored to the ground.


robot garage


robot ancoraggio


It comes in two versions: Standard and Plus.



automower garage


Smart Plus Garage



Its characteristic is that loves lawn mower robots.



automower garage


It can be used for many lawn mower robots (see our compatibility chart).

The lid with a simple movement can be easily opened to check and set the robot keyboard.


garage automower


automower garage


A useful accessory is given by an external box can be placed on the back of the garage and is used to insert the electric cables and power supply, all sheltered from the rain and sun.

automower garage

Available in special version for the robot Bosch Indego with opening on the right side and also in Transparent version with transparent side walls.

automower garage


automower garage



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